Mccree Bio



First you should know the gun, it is a gun crafted by a legendary gunsmith that fires high-caliber ammunition with technological enhancements. This is Mccree's primary attack. The peacekeeper is a gun that has 6 rounds per clip. It can do 20-70 on bodyshots and double tha on a headshot. He can shoot two bullets in a second with his peacekeeper. His gun does have a falloff range. 20-45 meter is his falloff range.

This is still his peacekeeper but it has a second ability. It is the alternate fire. he shoots all the remaining bullets in his clip. This attack can be stopped by anyone of Mccree's other abilities. The max he can do with this attack is 270. This attack is more disperse than the first attack, so it can't do headshots.

Combat roll

This ability does no damage to his enemies. He rolls closer in whatever direction he is in. Although it can be used to approach enemies it can be used to go back or to the side. It has a range of 6 meters and a movement speed of 12m/ seconds, and instantly refills his peacekeeper. This ability has an 8 second cooldown.


The flashbang is a non-lethal grenade than was supposed to blind enemies for a short amount of time, used by overwatch. Now Mccree uses it to stun his ememies for a period of o.75 second and does 25 damage. It explodes regardless of contacty or no contact. It cannot headshot and has a 10 second cooldown.


This is Mccree's ultimate move, once it is fully charged it has a 6 second use time. It ocks onto targets and if shot will instantly kill them (with certain exceptions). Characters with more health will take a longer time to charge and lock on. Whlie using it he cannot use any other moves, cannot jump, and moves slowely. His gun is auto filled after a use of it.